Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Giddy up, T with is box helmet and his horse!!!

Our monthly pizza and a movie night. This time Daddy made the forte!!

My wonderful boys!!

Yes, my son loves to vacuum!! The earmuffs are for added fun and of course protection!!
Well, life is going great here in the Lindstrom house! We've been having all sorts of fun out side and playing with friends.
Yesterday we had our first Memorial Day BBQ! It was awesome! I so can't wait to have MANY more. It was fun to get friends together, eat good food and let the kids have fun together. Us girls snuck down stair to play "just dance" and "Micheal Jackson" on the Wii! It was a lot of fun.
Our chickens are getting a lot bigger, I'll have to take a picture to show everyone.
A few weeks ago, the hubby and I had our 5th wedding anniversary. We didn't do much on the day, but we're going to have a fun weekend, coming up. My awesome sis-in-law is going to watch the boys for a day while we escape and have some fun together.
I marvel at how truly blessed I am with all the family and friends around me. So many people to laugh with and lean on. I am blessed.
Right now, we are preparing for another trip!! We're (my 2 boys and I) are going to Cali for a week. I wish it was longer, but this is all we could squeeze in! Thayden asks me everyday if we're going to go get the Spiderman fishing pole yet! Today he got is 2 backpacks full of toys(mostly blocks) and his hat and was waiting by the back door to go!!AHH!!! it was sooooooooooo cute! I told him we had to pack our clothes first and make some food for daddy before we could leave. Needles to say, he was still devastated.

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Devin+Lindsay said...

Sounds like fun! I like the monthly pizza, movie, fort idea. I hope you are enjoying your vacation in CA. I'm just glad the sun decided to shine here!!! :-)