Thursday, September 4, 2008

Almost settled in

I must say that moving with a 7 week old baby is definitely a new adventure for me. This past week has been a test of my organizational skills and still learning how to be a mommy. I did feel up to the task, and I think so far I have done a great job at it.
Last Saturday Shane's uncle helped us move into our new apt, along with some guys from the ward and other family members, they were able to move in 1/2 our apt in less than an hour. It was great to be back, but the daunting task of unpacking again seemed not as much fun this year. We are really excited to be back, but our stuff seemed to have babies while we were gone and everything has multiplied. We only added one kid, yet we seem to be to our eyeballs in stuff and we're having a hard time finding a place for everything. Now, 5 days later, our apt in looking pretty decent and I have actually put up some decorations. The bad news is, we have yet to find the hardware to put together our kitchen table! I just can't seem to find it! Anyways, the past few days have been exciting, getting to know new neighbors and seeing old friends.
We're both looking forward to this new semester and can't believe how different school feels with a baby. We took a walk to school on Tuesday, it was a lot of fun to get out. The new bookstore is amazing, it is so beautiful and bright. I can't believe how much the school has changed in the past 5 months. The huge auditorium is almost framed in, the addition to the MC is looking pretty complete, and the school is looking bigger than ever.
Thayden is doing great, everyday he seems to smile more and be more interactive. He's holding his head really well, Shane has even butt balanced him! We can't believe how big he's getting, we're already having to pack away some of his newborn clothes because he is just too long for them. I can't wait for when he chunks up and gets all the rolls.
Everything else is going pretty well, we hope to keep everyone updated with whats going on and more pictures of Thayden.