Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its my party!!

Had my 23rd b-day party on Monday. it was a lot of fun, exactly what I wanted. I invited some friends over, we chatted, ate ice cream cake and laughed. Thayden decorated my cake with lots of sprinkles, it was really fun having him do it.

Shane and were able to go out on Saturday, we went to Thai food and then got my free cold stone ice cream!! We had a great time out, and I loved being able to spend time with him. It was a fantastic birthday! (truthfully with all that's going on I forgot a lot that it was my birthday!)

Latest Project

Here are pictures of my latest project.

I got the idea from my sis-in-law. This is the boy version, I have a girl version that I used for my b-day but I didn't take a picture.
For Happy Birthday you need 14 "coupled" 6x12 pieces of paper. I cut mine out on my new Cricut (thanks Linda!). "Coupled" meaning, a print for the front and a plain piece for the back.
I cut my big squares out with "Plantin Schoolbook" at 5" shadow. and the smaller squares are 4 3/4. I used my corner edge trimmer to make the corners rounded.

The letters are 4 1/4 shadow (in white) and then not shadow for the color. I used the same paper for the back of my squares for the letters. it saved me paper and I used pretty much all of the 6x12. The letter cartridge is Alphabilious.
I love it. I'm now doing a "its a boy" sign for a baby shower and me!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Having fun

Only 5 weeks of the semester left! I'm so excited! 8 weeks until number 2 is to join us, and we are so anxious. Lots to do before then, I find myself getting overwhelmed if I think too hard about all that needs to be done, thought of, planned for and taken care of before more things can happen. We are still thinking that we're going to South Carolina for the summer, with no job offers, this would be our best choice.
Shane is doing great, he's not as busy as we both thought, but still enough so that I miss him a lot by Fridays.
Thayden is my master Houdini. He can escape from his crib, take all of his clothes off including the diaper, and find mysterious things in the house. Every day is such a learning opportunity, we both are finding out what works best.
I'm still getting big, I can't believe that I'm still going to get bigger, I'm having a hard time doing many things already, I can't believe its going to get worse! I've been wanting to do crafts so bad lately, its just difficult with Thayden. when he's asleep I need to get other things done or I'm just too tired. ahhh. a little frustrating. Thayden is a huge help doing laundry, dishes and making meals. Today he asked me for a hair cut! I couldn't believe it, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. so, he got a little hair cut, it was fun! Our March is already getting busy, as it is the last full month we will be here (hallelujah!).
I'm missing my family lots, I'm so excited for the day to be closer. Things are good for now, every day is different. Can't wait to have us both be college grads!