Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It'll been a while since I've heard from you....

We're here in super sunny South Carolina. Here's a little update on whats been going on:
Blake is now almost 6 weeks and definitely over 10 lbs. He's getting big and chunky fast! I forgot this stage and there have been some tricky moments, but I'm learning everyday. The toughest part is bedtime with no daddy around. Putting them both to sleep at the same time (by Blake's wishes) makes it a little challenging.
Thayden is almost 2! I'm slowly working on the party plans and thinking of fun stuff for it. He decided 2 weeks ago that he wanted to potty train. Trying to potty train an almost 2 year only and having a new born is a whole new world of mommy-hood. He's doing well, and still doing it at his own pace.
We're moving the office in <2 weeks. Which means we have to pack everything up again! Luckily we picked up a small beater van for me for the summer and we can through it all in there. The van is a heaven send, I don't feel as trapped and I can now go do all the fun stuff around here!
Shane and I are doing well, we had our anniversary almost a month ago and have been so busy or he's been gone, that we have yet to do anything! Shane spent 1 1/2 weeks gone for work, it was long, but they did pretty well.
Its now almost 100 degrees outside and thunderstorming. Almost an oxymoron. I should probably get off the computer and go play before its noticed I'm gone!
Hopefully more soon!