Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Gifts

I forgot to add some pictures of Thayden's gifts for his first birthday.
Mamaw and pop-pops got him a great car garage, Thayden has a lot of fun making the elevator go up and down. Please excuse the bare bum, its the only picture I have of him playing with it!
Grandma Lindstrom made him a really cool robe! He'll be able to wear if for a while!
We decided to get him alphabet blocks, I can't tell who likes them more: Shane loves to build and Thayden likes to knock it down!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three 1st Birthdays!

Thayden is such a special little boy. He was able to have not just one, but THREE 1st birthdays! One with Grandma Silvia, another with Mamaw, Pop-pops, aunt Jennie and kids, and then a third with Shane, me and friends! It was really fun to have all these little parties to celebrate a wonderful child.
Thayden was on a week long sugar high, but it was really fun. I think by the 3rd time he knew what was going on and he was a lot more comfortable. It was really fun letting him have at the cake and seeing what was going to happen. Like I said, by the 3rd time he was having lots of fun!
We are so blessed to have all this family and these friend to help celebrate a child of God. I feel so blessed everyday that I have Thayden and I still can't seem to wrap my head around all that has happened in a year(+ a week). We thank everyone for the presents, and love that surrounds him! I officially have a toddler!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jelly Beans

While in California, Thayden was introduced to a wonderful little candy called Jelly Beans. My dad always has some lying around, Thayden found a little container of them and was immediately intrigued. Of course his Pop-pops had to show him what was inside and the most curious candy around.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

This was the 2nd year my family did a reunion at Greagle in northern California. Thayden and I flew into Reno, he did great but the time change was a little hard on him. We had lots of fun though playing in the dirt, on the porch, going swimming and eating lots of food. It took a while for Thayden to warm up to any one else, he would cry if he couldn’t see me which made doing almost anything very difficult. Thayden loved having other kids to play with, I think it was a new experience having kids that were bigger than him! Thayden’s cousin Tyler who is 2 months older was Thayden’s best friend. They played and did lots of mischievous things together; I think I see a great friendship forming!

After Greagle we had a long drive back home where we all stopped for IN-N-OUT burger!! I was super happy to stop and this was Thayden’s first time enjoying the fantastic burgers.

Two hours after getting home from Greagle, the missionaries were supposed to come over for dinner!! I had the most brilliant plan in the world for dinner, I have to share! After a wonderful course of American Tacos, we had pudding cups with whipped cream on top! I thought that was shear gourmet genius!

It was pretty fun having all 4 of the grandbabies under one roof, they really got to play and hang out together. Thayden and I went over to my mom’s were we went to Monterey and Santa Cruz, it was beautiful and really fun.

Thayden had his first time at the beach in Monterey, we put our feet in the water and played with the sand. I had wished Shane could have been there, but we’ll just have to go to another beach together.

The 4th of July weekend was crazy! We went to a baseball game with almost the whole family. My brother-in-law treated his clients to a local baseball game and a buffet dinner. I was really unsure at first how it was going to play out not having very much room for Thayden to roam and knowing that we were going to be there pretty late. All in all, it worked out really well. He walked around, played, then Tyler and him fell asleep in the stroller while Jennie and I talked. I think walking around was one of my favorite times of my whole vacation. After the game there was an enormous fireworks show over the river that was next to the stadium. I still can’t believe that Thayden slept through the whole thing!

Saturday we went to a pancake breakfast and helped getting everything ready for the big 4th of July party at my sister’s house! It was kind of crazy with all the people and kids, I’m sure Thayden was a bit over whelmed, however he handled it well.

The next few days are still a blur. I remember having Thayden’s 1st birthday party at my moms. We had mayonnaise cake, which is one of my favorites, so I loved it and I know Thayden did also! Tuesday we went to the Monterey Aquarium with Jennie and kids, Linda and us. It was really nice having the season pass because we weren’t rushed to see everything thing. Thayden’s favorite part was the splash zone designed just for kids his age. He splashed in water with fake fish, rolled in the “ocean” (a water bed) and played with blocks. We all had a great time and the soaked clothes could prove it!

That night we had Thayden’s next birthday party in which we had an enormous ice cream filled cupcake! I’m sure Thayden didn’t know what to think of it at first, but once he got passed the shock he loved it. I’m sure my son in on a permanent sugar high from all the sweets we’ve been having for his birthday.

Wednesday was really sad; we left for the airport about noon and boarded about an hour later. I’m pretty upset with the last few days of my vacation; I had 3 days of crying. I cried when I left my mom’s on Monday, when my sister left on Tuesday and when I left my dad and Linda on Wednesday. No fair, your only allowed 1 day of crying, not THREE!

The 2 flights getting home were great. Thayden was such a wonderful little boy, we played with toys, and other kids sitting near us. I really liked sitting near the back of the plane because everyone else with kids was back there and the back area was great to stand up in. Thayden even slept for an hour on the 2nd flight making the time go by so much faster.

I have to thank Tabatha for picking us up from the airport since Shane got a job 20 minutes before he would come to get us. When we got home, Shane went straight to Thayden’s door, it was fun seeing the huge smile on Thayden’s face when he saw his daddy. We both missed Shane a lot and were very grateful to be home.

Thayden and I were both worn out from the trip and slept most of the next day. I’m glad I went, but being a single mom for 2 weeks was difficult. That time made me so grateful for my husband and the life we have. I’m already excited for next year and hoping that Shane will be able to join us. It’ll be really fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I will share it all

Ok, so I'm back now from my wonderful adventures in California. However, I don't yet have the energy or time to tell you all about everything as it is Thayden's 1st birthday tomorrow!! Yahhh!! I still can't believe that this time last year life was so much different.
California was great, a challenge and a well needed change of pace. I miss my family terribly already, but I'm learning to be grown up about it and hoping our future takes us much closer.
I will tell you all about the plane rides, Greagle, 1st baseball game, 4th of July, aquarium and lots more.