Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost Ready!!

Well, Shane and I are anxiously awaiting the new arrival of the little one. Pretty much everything is ready; we have the swing up, clothes washed, and stroller put together. The only thing left to do is put the car seat in the car and grab my hospital bag. I still can't believe that 9 months has gone by this fast, it seems like just a month ago we looked at the double lines on the pregnancy stick!!
Shane is doing great at his job, Monday he got 3 installs (the only one who did) and jumped a bunch of people. Since they started this new area last week, he's been a lot busier which has been great.
The weather has definitely warmed up, most days are around 95-100. It doesn't really affect me because I try and stay inside most of the time, but on the occasional shopping trip, I can really feel the heat!! I feel so bad for Shane who has to wait around between jobs in this weather.
Anywho, I hope to keep this updated a little more, letting everyone know about whats going on and the baby!! Hope your all well.