Sunday, December 7, 2008

the JOY of friendship

At the photography workshop we all took pictures in a made up photo booth. It was a great time and loved being able to see a new side of some friends. 1st is Joy and I.
2nd me, Jessica and Megan
3rd is Me, Jessica and Laura

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A week of being thankful

Wow, what a week we had. Our little family had a whole set of new adventures last week. We drove down to Utah Friday evening and hung out with family until Saturday afternoon where we had Thayden’s first airplane ride! I must say I was 150% prepared and Thayden did a great job. Although we didn’t know it a the time of the booking, but the flight had a stop in Reno, NV so Thayden got 2 plane rides before even getting to California.
The week seemed to go by really fast; it was full of bubble baths, baking and lots of eating! Thayden had a great time in the big bath tub with Shane, he wanted to eat all the bubbles! I had a lot of fun baking with my mom on our traditional Wednesday bake day. We made a pumpkin pie from scratch, triple chocolate pumpkin pie, and pear tart. It was tiring, but totally worth all the yummy treats to eat.
Thursday was a very full day! Apart from it being Thanksgiving, it was also my dad’s birthday! So we had a double celebration with all my family. We had lots of talking, laughing, presents, and picture taking. I am so thankful we got to go and spend this quality time my family.
The week was way too short, but well worth all the effort. We left Saturday to get back to our lives and finish the semester out, hopefully the week off gives us a boost. It was great for Thayden to be able to spend quality time with my family, as well as Shane and I, we miss them dearly since we are so far away and can’t wait to see them again!