Saturday, January 31, 2009

6 months

Well I thought I should update you all on Thayden's 6 month adventures.

He was 89th percentile for height 27 1/2 inches and 76th for weight 18.1 lbs. Dr. Watson said to keep doing what were doing because he's looking good. Thayden can now army crawl, every day he gets faster and more efficient at it. I still can't believe that its been over 6 months, he still seems so small and yet huge when I compare him to his newborn clothes. Everyday has been its own challenge and learning experience, but I think he's no worse for the wear.

Luckily we were able to get pictures taken of Thayden when we were in Washington. Thank you Irene!
Thayden is just becoming a wonderful little man, he wants to know and be included in everything. He thinks eating new foods is the coolest thing! I loves to snuggle and give me kisses. It melts my heart when I see him sleeping or he reaches for me. I'm so excited (and nervous) to see where our future takes us and what surprises Thayden might through our way.

Monday, January 26, 2009

on the go

Hey everyone. Sorry for not updating in a really long time but its been crazy. This isn't much of an update but I wanted to explain real quick. Shane is going to school full time and has classes before and after my two. My only 2 classes are swamping me, they have a lot of stuff that comes with the classes.

Thayden is getting so much bigger. He is scooting and will definately tell you whats on his mind if he has an opinion about something. I'll post stuff from Christmas and such when I get the pictures. We spent Christmas break in Wa with Shane's family and had a totaly blast. I really missed my family and it was my first Christmas away from home. Thayden is 6 months, but more to come on that later.
I hope that this finds everyone well. I must secretly say that I'm totally excited for all my friends have babies!! I really just needed to say that.
Ohh, and please everyone, keep baby Joshua in your thoughts and prayers.
Hope you all have a great week!