Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still waiting...

So, I'm about a week out from my due date. No real news other than I'm still pregnant! I'm still hoping I have the baby sooner than late due to all the plans and activities we have going on in the near future!
Things have been super fun here. I've completed several over due projects and tasks. Thayden LOVES playing with the chickens and going for rides on the four-wheeler. He thinks he can drive, and he maybe could if he was strong enough! Its really fun having all this stuff for him to do. We went to the Children's Museum on Monday and he had so much fun he could barely contain himself! There was a little grocery market, construction zone, hiking mountain, fire truck, and lots more. It wasn't too crowded, so we got to do whatever he wanted. He crashed on the way home and thought he was ready for more after an only 30 minute nap!
Not much else, just waiting for baby! Send positive baby thoughts my way!