Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some new things of late...

Well, yesterday Blake decided he'd give walking a try! It was a little sudden and really fun to see his face. He's been walking on anything that will stand still, and some that doesn't, for a while now. Yesterday Daddy got home early and we all got to play together. Shane stood Blake up and he walked over to me!!! He will be 10 month next week, so its time, but he was just so at ease with it, it was funny!
We had a great visit from my in-laws last week, they helped us replace almost ALL the carpet in our house!!!!!!!!!! It looks soooo good now, and no more old basement smell.
One of the pictures is Blake trying to 'tuck' the carpet. He was watching everyone else do it and so he thought he should too!! That day was long, but so great to have so much family here to help.
The weather has been so sporadic, I just can't wait til I can start getting the garden area ready and start planting. I have so many plans for this summer!!
Its March, so I know there's not too much time until I can start sporting shorts again!!!!!!
Things are progressively getting better, and I'm hopeful for all the things to come!


Joy and Collin said...

The kids look great! Blake and Thayden are getting so big! It's amazing how time flies isn't it??

We're blessing Eithan this Sunday. We're sad you guys aren't close enough to come, but it's ok. We're all in the places that we're supposed to be right now.

I hope things keep going well, and start posting on your blog more! We want to see the "haps"!


Devin+Lindsay said...

YAY! for Blake, and new carpet, I'm glad you got most of it done. Looks like Blake was born ready to remodel. I wish I had a backyard for a garden- jealous! I miss the dirt (anything but snow right now! but garden dirt is my favorite). We hope things continue to get better for you! AND YAY FOR SUMMER!!!!!

Caroline said...

I love the pictures of you and your boys! Glad you like your new carpets! Excited to keep updated with your family here =)

Caroline said...

P.S. Your family reminds me of my friend, Shannon's family. She has two little boys too.